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The Higher Olive’s CBD Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We work long and hard with California olive growers to source the finest olives for our extra virgin olive oil. The base olive oil is Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) by the California Olive Oil Council to ensure freshness. We then blend with local fresh fruit, Cannabidiols (CBD) extracts, and Botanical Terpenes.

The Higher Olive’s strain-specific CBD Extra Virgin Olive Oils are the most enhanced and healthiest oils on the market. A higher standard of CBD Extra Virgin Olive Oil was created with the highest quality ingredients; for the discerning health-conscious palates.

Discover the Benefits

CBD Benefits: Pain Relief, Reduces Anxiety & Depression, Anti-Inflammatory, Skin Regenerative, Helps Insomnia

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Benefits: Contains Polyphenols (antioxidants), Rejuvenates Skin, Reduces Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, & Diabetes. The FDA recommends 2 Tbps per day to fight heart disease.


Recommended Applications: Cooking, Baking, Drizzling, Skin Care


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