Cooking With CBD: What You Need To Know

Cooking With CBD: What You Need To Know

Authored: December 18, 2019

CBD has become the most sought after natural health product on today’s market. Research and personal accounts (anecdotal evidence) abound on the benefits of supplementing with CBD (cannabidiol) on a daily basis. There are various ways to supplement with CBD; however, one dosing method is taking the CBD world by storm. Cooking with CBD is fast becoming a popular, effective and delicious way to experience the many health benefits of this cannabinoid. So, how do you use CBD in your food, what are the benefits and what do I need to know? Let’s explore those questions further.

What Is The Benefit Of Using CBD In Food?

The top key benefits of supplementing CBD oil include: a reduction in stress, anxiety, inflammation and pain and as a neurological and immunity protection aid. By using CBD in your food you can maximize the ‘bioavailability’, which is the degree and rate that the substance, CBD, is absorbed and delivered to the bloodstream.

Once the CBD is in the bloodstream it will interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). This vast system is a network of receptors on cells found in the brain, organs, muscles, and tissues, as well as the immune and skeletal system. The ECS is a fundamental system that operates with unique roles, depending on the location in the body to keep the body in homeostasis or balance.

When you take any supplement, including CBD, orally, it will pass through the digestive system before it reaches the liver and then to your bloodstream. This process diminishes the concentration of the substance: however, when CBD is combined with certain types of fatty acids, like olive oil, higher concentrations of CBD reach the bloodstream!

Cooking With CBD Infused Olive Oil

The Higher Olive offers a delicious alternative to cooking with CBD: you get the added benefit of a higher absorption rate of CBD along with the many nutritional benefits of olive oil. In addition, this unique quality extra virgin olive oil is also infused with terpenes, which are the aromatic metabolites found in the oils of plants, and give the distinct aroma, flavors and colors of the hemp flowers. Terpenes also act on receptors in your body and are the active ingredient in essential oils. This synergy of compounds delivers the benefits of enhanced health and well being along with a feeling of satiety!

CBD infused olive oil can be used in an endless variety of ways. Baking with CBD olive oil can add a new dimension to some of your favorite recipes. Here is an all time favorite, indulgent, sure to delight, easy, marvelously moist desert recipe to try!

Blood Orange Brownies

All you need is the following:

1 Box of Ghirardelli Triple Fudge Brownies

1 bottle of The Higher Olive Blood Orange AK Olive Oil


¼ cup of water

¼ cup of Blood Orange AK Olive Oil

1 egg

Preheat oven to 325 degrees F

Lightly grease 8×8-baking pan (or spray with cooking spray)

Place Water, oil, and egg in bowl and stir until fully mixed.

Add brownie mix and fudge pouch (enclosed):

Stir until well blended.

Spread in prepared pan

Bake for 40-44 minutes (for 8 x 8 pan)

Allow to cool completely before cutting.

The brownies may appear under baked but cool to doneness!

All that’s left after that is to indulge and enjoy your daily dose of CBD goodness in a Blood Orange Brownie!

Please let us know about your Blood Orange Brownie experience in the comment section below! We would love to hear from you!